Rehoming ex-racing greyhounds in Staffordshire, Cheshire and surrounding counties

​​​Welcome to our Website

Greenfields Greyhound Rescue is a small rescue and sanctuary for retired racing greyhounds.  We hope to make a small difference to the thousands of racing greyhounds whose racing careers end each year.  Experienced sighthound owners ourselves, we are very aware of the special qualities of this majestic breed and wanted to enable other people to enjoy them as pets. 

The main sanctuary and kennels is based in the Staffordshire Moorlands and this is where the very old greyhounds live out their days in the comfort of a home while in the kennel section we have all the dogs available for rehoming.  Being a small rescue we take pride in knowing all our dogs well and will take time and care to ensure the right dog is matched to the right home.  We also provide full backup and support for life and should it become necessary for one of our dogs to leave their new home they must be returned to our rescue.

All our dogs are vaccinated, spayed/castrated and microchipped and receive a full vet check.

Greyhounds are very low maintenance dogs.  Despite their well-deserved reputation as formidable athletes, they do not require large amounts of exercise and they just love to chill out on the sofa.  Most retired racers have lived exclusively in kennels but we find they adapt extremely quickly to living in a home and settle in easily.

If you can offer one of our dogs a home please contact Caroline on 07774 600090​ or email on