The total raised for the day is £1500, which is an amazing amount.  Thank you so much to everyone who came along or sent a donation


A huge thank you to our lovely supporters who braved the appalling weather today to join our annual sponsored walk.  There was a brief easing of the rain giving us just enough time to enjoy our walk before the heavens opened once more!

Here are a few photos of the day...

Greenfields News....

At the grand old age of 11, Kizzy Shaw thinks she has enough gravitas to step up and represent Greenfields in sending huge thanks to our Blackpool fundraisers. The wonderful Marian, Sandra and Paul, enthusiastically aided by Figgy and Betty, have worked their socks off and raised a fabulous £500.00 for our hounds.

We have a group of dogs waiting to come in as soon as the vets return to normal practice so this money will be put to very good use. The dogs waiting are from the same trainer as Figgy and Betty so they are helping the ones left behind.

A very big thank you to Rachel Moore and her colleagues at Davies Foundation who have donated £100.00 to Greenfields.

The Davies Foundation aims to support charitable causes across the locations where the Davies Group operates. Grants are available to support charity and community projects put forward by Davies staff. Rachel applied for some funding for Greenfields because the plight of racing greyhounds is a cause so close to her heart. Her father has two from us, Harry and Alice.

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