UPDATE - Over the last week we have received further sponsorship monies totaling £375.00, this brings the final total for the sponsored walk to £1203.94

Congleton Vets kindly invited us to fundraise at their open day in December.  They have also donated a share of their raffle (shared with Sandbach Animal Rescue and Hazel Blakeman Charity Clinic)

April 2017

A huge thank you to the staff and clients of Churnet Valley Vets and Congleton Vets who raised £130 and £35 respectively.

We really appreciate this support, it is invaluable in our quest to find forever homes for ex-racing greyhounds.

A very big thank you to everyone for making today's walk such a success. We were blessed with wonderful weather and everybody had a great time. It was so very nice to see you all, both human and canine. I know some of you traveled quite a way to be with us.

As usual we are so grateful to all our helpers who worked so hard and managed to create a very enjoyable event.

The sponsored walk raised £545.94 and the raffle £283.00 giving us a grand total £828.94. There is still some sponsor money to come so this total will increase.

First prize in the raffle was ticket 170 - Sharon Ford
Second Prize 143 - Sian Greenock
Third Prize 100 - Sonia Chadwick

A huge thank you to all our lovely volunteers who represented Greenfields at Congleton Veterinary Centre's open day. Ian, Julie and Mo with Cassie and Raffy and later on Jill with Sid and Micheal and Rachel with Henry, Edie and Gracie.  Also thank you to Congleton Veterinary Centre for inviting us to take part in their open day


A huge thank you to Mal Wilson who walked 25 miles from Cheswardine to Wolverhampton along the canal tow path on 23rd April and managed to raise a staggering £1265.50 for Greenfields. Mal was accompanied by two friends for moral support and her sister Roz helped on the admin side by printing flyers which Mal then posted while doing her rounds as a Postie. We are so very grateful to Mal for all the hard work both raising the sponsorship and then actually doing the walk. A very big thank you to all the friends and residents on her post route who showed such great support.

The dog in the photo is Baz who gave Mel a very affectionate welcome and was delighted to receive the money on behalf of Greenfields

We would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a good and peaceful 2017. Thank you for all your support during the year, we couldn't do it without you. Everything you do no matter how small it really does make a difference.

The hounds say drink and be merry, but most of all eat sausages, lots and lots of sausages! And when no one is looking wee up the tree.

We have to thank Emma Edwards, animal artist, for the first prize in our raffle.  She has offered to paint an oil painting portrait of the raffle winner's pet - that is so generous and we are really grateful.  Emma's family have two Greenfields graduates - both adopted as puppies, Flynn and Harry.

The second and third prizes were kindly donated by Congleton Vets.  Thank you to them for their generosity

Greenfields Greyhound Rescue Annual Sponsored Walk and Get Together 2016

A huge thank you to NVS of Stoke on Trent

Annette and Dean from NVS visited the rescue last week with a van completely full of food for the greyhounds. You can see from the photo just how much there is and we are so grateful. It is with help from companies like NVS that we are able to keep such a small rescue as Greenfields running.

Greenfields have been selected to be one of the 'good causes' for the month of July

Supporters who shop in Waitrose please remember to put your green token in our box when you leave and please ask all your friends to do the same.

By placing a token in the Community Matters box at your local branch you’re helping your community. Since its launch in 2008, the scheme has donated £14 million to local charities chosen by you.

At the end of your shop in branch, you’ll receive a token to place in a box of the good cause you’d most like to support. The more tokens a cause gets, the bigger the donation they receive. Each month every Waitrose branch donates £1,000 (£500 in Convenience shops) between 3 local good causes that you choose.

If you have any photos, news, or events to advertise feel free to email us on greenfieldsrescueandsanctuary@hotmail.com

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