We have been incredibly lucky that one of our supporters Susan Davies-Holmes who owns Donald (was Bing) and Myrtle is making wonderful cushions to sell in our online shop. They are tapestry cushions and each one takes upwards of two weeks to complete. This particular cushion is  10 by 14 inches.

Hebridean Shoulder Bag

£10 including postage*

Edward the Schnauzer

Edward needs a new home. He's house trained, fully vaccinated and doesn't need worming. He takes up a lot less room than a greyhound and needs no exercise. He thinks he's a good alternative for people who have no time in their lives for a greyhound, what is there not to like?

Edward is handspun and crocheted from Shetland and Border Leicester fleece

Ideal for those cold days when you can't wear gloves but need a bit of extra warmth, these wrist warmers are handspun, dyed and handknitted from Tim the Teeswater's fleece.

This blue faced Leicester and silk hat has an amazing lustre and is designed to keep you snuggly warm in the winter weather to come


A Moebius scarf, handspun, dyed and knitted from good old Cedric's fleece

Peter the Pirate

Peter the Pirate wants to hang up his cutlass, dock his ship and set his parrot free.  He's looking for a forever home with a new playmate to love him.

Peter is handspun and crocheted using ryeland fleece, the clothes handspun, dyed and crocheted from various Greenfields fleeces.  He is 14" 36cm high when sitting, 22" 56cm head to foot

Handspun and woven scarf

using Leicester Longwool with dyed Teeswater stripes

£25 incl postage*

This not so little mermaid is handspun, dyed and crocheted in Romney/Shetland fleece. She stands 22” high (56cm). 

The Little Mermaid

£20 including postage*

Superwarm Jacob Mittens, a lovely present or just simply treat yourself.  No-one else will have any like these!

Cushion 2

Breaking Good!  A special technique was used to dye this handspun Border Leicester yarn - the result is that the dye splits up into its constituent colours and different parts of the yarn take up different colours from the dye.  The original colour was violet, but the resulting colours are purple, turquoise, blue, maroon to name but a few.

Please state your colour preference on the Paypal page or by separate email

Tiddley Ted Tom in a Tin  - Tiddley Tom waved his brother, Tiny Tim, off to his new home and decided it was probably time that he ventured out into the world too.

Tom is knitted from handspun Ryeland fleece with crocheted cotton blanket and knitted scarf.  The tin is 6cm x 9cm

Edward the Schnauzer

£17.50 inc postage*

Tiddley Ted Tom in a Tin

£10 including postage*

Cedric Red and White Cowl

£15 including postage*

Blue Faced Leicester and Silk Hat

£15 incl postage*

Blue Faced Leicester and Silk Cowl

£20 inc postage*

Border Leicester Woven Scarf

£25 inc postage*

As well as rescue hounds, Caroline has a flock of slaughterfree rescue sheep - mostly brought home from market when they were being sold off for meat.  These she keeps as her own pets, but now they have a chance to pay their way and earn their board! Caroline keeps an ethical flock and none of her sheep will leave Greenfields for the market or the butcher's shop, nor will they be used for breeding. They will all live out their natural life in the fields around Greenfields.

you can contact me on greenfieldsrescueshop@hotmail.com

Greenfields Fleecy Tails, handspun and handknitted products from the Greenfields Flock.  ALL proceeds go to the help the hounds

Tapestry Cushion

£23 plus £3.80 postage

Jacob Mittens

£15 incl postage*

Teeswater Wristwarmers

£10 including postage*

A small Hebridean shoulder bag (18x15cm) handspun, knitted and then felted from pure soft Hebridean fleece

The doll is supplied in a cellophane gift package with postcard giving information on Greenfields Greyhound Rescue an ideal present

£20 including postage *

Cushion 1

The cowl is supplied in a cellophane gift package with postcard giving information on the greyhound rescue.

* Please note - postage included to mainland UK only.


These mittens are supplied in a cellophane gift package with postcard giving information on the sheep

Cedric Red and Redder Moebius Scarf

£10 including postage*

Do you know someone who would appreciate a warm cowl at the football?  The ideal Christmas present for a Stokie supporter (or Man U if you must)

The cowl is hand spun, dyed and crocheted from fleece from the late Cedric.

Blue faced Leicester fleece and silk

This cowl has  beads knitted in adding a touch of bling!  The silk gives the cowl a luxurious lustre

The cowl is supplied in a cellophane gift package with postcard giving information on the greyhound rescue