Ideal for those cold days when you can't wear gloves but need a bit of extra warmth, these wrist warmers are handspun, dyed and handknitted from Tim the Teeswater's fleece.

Cedric Triangular Scarf

This scarf is elegant and warm!  It is handspun, dyed and knitted using the late legendry Cedric's fleece!

Cedric Red and White Cowl

£15 including postage*

Tiddley Ted Tom in a Tin

£10 including postage*


Leicester Longwool Crocheted Cowl

Norris, Mavis and Rita, who joined the Greenfields flock last year as lambs,  have provided the fleece for this cowl.  Handspun and crocheted.  It is quite the softest wool I have ever spun!  Leicester Longwool is a rare breed and very favoured by spinners

As well as rescue hounds, Caroline has a flock of slaughterfree rescue sheep - mostly brought home from market when they were being sold off for meat.  These she keeps as her own pets, but now they have a chance to pay their way and earn their board! Caroline keeps an ethical flock and none of her sheep will leave Greenfields for the market or the butcher's shop, nor will they be used for breeding. They will all live out their natural life in the fields around Greenfields.

you can contact me on

Greenfields Fleecy Tails, handspun and handknitted products from the Greenfields Flock.  ALL proceeds go to the help the hounds

Cedric Red and Redder Moebius Scarf

£10 including postage*

Greenfields Flock Throw

This throw, measuring 22inches x 45 inches (56cmx115cm) is handspun and woven using a variety of wool from the Greenfields Flock.

It is sold in a cellophane wrapper with a card with photographs and information about the flock.

Jacob Throw

£20 including postage*

A Moebius scarf, handspun, dyed and knitted from good old Cedric's fleece

Sybil and Cedric Hat

£10 including postage*

Greyhound Hats

What every greyhound should wear this winter season.

All hats £10 including postage*

Please describe the hat or the position in the photos to choose which hat you want, or just opt for a lucky dip!

The cowl is supplied in a cellophane gift package with postcard giving information on the sheep involved - an ideal present
£20 including postage*

He is 9 inches tall in a sitting position and is handspun and crocheted with Jacob fleece.

Blossom, handspun and crocheted with Jacob fleece

​£15 inc postage

Sheepy and Flower Brooches

Each sheep and flower is crocheted or knitted with wool, spun using a drop spindle.  

They are gift wrapped in a cellophane package with a card about the rescue and sheep

*Please add 'note to seller' on the paypal page to state which brooch you would like - or send an email to


Mutley the Springer Spaniel

Sharon's Greyhound Knits for Greyhound Nuts....

£17.50 inc postage*

Please state your colour preference on the Paypal page or by separate email

Sophie the Golden Labrador

£17.50 inc postage*

Bloor Handspun, Knitted and Felted Mittens

Bloor, the Greenfields Texel sheep, donated the fleece used to make these fabulous mittens.  They are very felted and so luxuriously soft, thick and extremely warm.  Quite unique!

Shop early for Christmas?

£25 including postage*

Paddy the Greyhound

£17.50 inc postage*

Handspun and woven Jacob throw

This throw measures 94cm x 40cm (37"x16") and is handspun and handwoven with Jacob fleece (commercial warp).  It is beautiful enough to grace any bed or sofa!  One-off and totally unique!

Blossom the Friesian cow works hard around Greenfields,  keeping the greyhounds supplied with freshly made ice cream.  They will be mortified when she leaves but the greyhounds' loss will be one lucky family's gain - a constant source of raspberry ripple and salted caramel ice cream.

Blossom could be yours for only £15 delivered to your door.  All proceeds going to the upkeep of the greyhounds.


Paddy likes to think of himself as an ex-racing greyhound but to be honest his racing career never quite got off the ground.  Still we are all allowed our dreams and Paddy spends his days relaxing and recalling his greatest moments on the track.  He is now in need of a forever home. He could be yours for £17.50 including first class postage.

Paddy is handspun and crocheted from Hebridean wool.  He is 12"/30cm tall in the sitting position

Beanie Hat

£7.50 including postage*

For the bargain price of £20 inc first class postage *

Doug the Pug

£17.50 inc postage *

This Shetland hat is definitely one-size fits all!  It is beautifully warm and would befit any intrepid dog walker

It is handspun and knitted from Sybil the Shetland's and Cedric the amazing commercial crossbreed's fleece.

Hebridean Shoulder Bag

£10 including postage*

Sophie, the golden labrador, likes nothing more than a muddy puddle and a stolen crust.  She desperately needs a new home and she could be yours for just £17.50 including postage.

Sophie is handspun and crocheted from Border Leicester fleece.

Do you know someone who would appreciate a warm cowl at the football?  The ideal Christmas present for a Stokie supporter (or Man U if you must)

The cowl is hand spun, dyed and crocheted from fleece from the late Cedric.

Crocheted Beanie Hat

£7.50 including postage*

Teeswater Wristwarmers

£10 including postage*

A small Hebridean shoulder bag (18x15cm) handspun, knitted and then felted from pure soft Hebridean fleece

Tiddley Ted Tom in a Tin  - Tiddley Tom waved his brother, Tiny Tim, off to his new home and decided it was probably time that he ventured out into the world too.

Tom is knitted from handspun Ryeland fleece with crocheted cotton blanket and knitted scarf.  The tin is 6cm x 9cm

* Please note - postage included to mainland UK only.

Doug the Pug is everyone's favourite - what you see is what you get, a really cuddly friendly chap.  He would love a new family to adopt him and  care for him....

Doug is handspun and crocheted from Alpaca and Shetland fleece.  He is about 12" high when sitting


The scarf is supplied in a cellophane gift package with postcard giving information on Cedric- an ideal present

£20 including postage *

Mutley is a typical hooligan springer, always on the go.  He's in need of a new home, he comes house trained, fully vaccinated and up for anything!  He can be yours, delivered to your door, for just £17.50!

Handspun, crocheted and dyed in Greenfields fleece (mixed)

The beanie is Mint Choc Chip, cool light turquoise with brown stripes