This scarf is handwoven on the Saori loom with a blend of dyed sheep fleeces  It has been lined with a jersey fabric, ideal if you are a bit wool sensitive

Handwoven scarf

​£30 inc postage*

As well as rescue hounds, Caroline has a flock of slaughterfree rescue sheep - mostly brought home from market when they were being sold off for meat.  These she keeps as her own pets, but now they have a chance to pay their way and earn their board! Caroline keeps an ethical flock and none of her sheep will leave Greenfields for the market or the butcher's shop, nor will they be used for breeding. They will all live out their natural life in the fields around Greenfields.

you can contact me on

Jacob and Corriedale pompom hat

This 'one size fits all' pompom hat has arrived just in time for the cold weather!  The Jacob fleece was blended with the dyed Corriedale to produce wool for this lovely soft hat.

It is £20 including postage*,  a totally unique pompom beanie

Edward the Schnauzer

£17.50 inc postage*

Felted Merino Moebius Cowl

This cowl has been spun, dyed, knitted and felted from Merino fleece.  It is super soft and would be a warming neck warmer under a winter coat

With Christmas coming it would make an ideal gift....

£20 Including first class postage*

Greenfields Fleecy Tails, handspun and handknitted products from the Greenfields Flock.  ALL proceeds go to the help the hounds

We have been incredibly lucky that one of our supporters Susan Davies-Holmes who owns Donald (was Bing) and Myrtle is making wonderful lavender bags to sell in our online shop. They are tapestry lavender bags.

This bandana style cowl is handspun, dyed and knitted using Blue Faced Leicester fleece.  This breed of sheep produces super soft fleece and this bandana would be lovely and snuggly around the neck under a coat

Bandana Style Cowl

£20 incl postage *

These felted mittens are handspun, knitted and felted using Cotswold fleece  The fleece is from a friend's pet sheep. The mittens are thick and very warm

Cotswold Felted Mittens

​£15 incl postage*

This cowl is dyed, handspun and woven using Merino fleece.  

It is lined with supersoft and warm cotton jersey

Merino Jersey Cotton Lined Cowl

£25 incl postage*

This short handled tote bag measures 15 inches by 10 inches. The reverse side of the bags is plain grey, slightly padded material. All hand made.

£23 plus £3.80 postage

Masham Mittens and Fingerless Gloves

Short Handled Tapestry Bag

* Please note - postage included to mainland UK only.


These mittens and fingerless gloves are dyed, handspun and knitted using Masham fleece from North Yorkshire.

They are a colourful colour combination and would cheer any outfit or occasion!  Lovely present for someone special.

Just use the dropdown menu to select which you would prefer

MIttens and fingerless Gloves  £15 inc postage*

Hilja Estonian Mittens, designed by Aleks Byrd 

These were made as part of a knitting challenge to learn new techniques I took on during lockdown  I won a prize for these handspun Estonian mittens.  They are made from spun and dyed merino, spun icelandic natural colours

£20 incl postage*


Bruce the Koala loves nothing more than hanging in the bushes watching the world go round.  Due to circumstances beyond his control he needs a new home, who could resist those beautiful eyes?

Bruce is handspun from Rita the Leicester Longwool's fleece.  Rita is one of three Leicester Longwool sheep in the Greenfields flock

Bruce the Koala

£17-50 inc postage*

These dyed, handspun and knitted Merino mittens are super warm, and very original!

Merino Mittens

£15 inc postage*

Phoebe is looking for a new home, but not just any old home.  Phoebe has been used to living the good life and needs a home with lots of love and cuddles. 

If you feel you can offer Phoebe a home, she can be yours for a £20 rehoming fee  She is handspun and knitted from Stanley's fleece and her clothes are dyed, handspun and knitted from Graham's Teeswater fleece.  She stands 22 inches  (56cm) tall

Phoebe the Teddy

£20 incl postage*

Lacy Teeswater Scarf

The scarf is handspun, dyed and knitted using fleece donated by a Tim the Greenfields teeswater

£20 including postage*

Edward needs a new home. He's house trained, fully vaccinated and doesn't need worming. He takes up a lot less room than a greyhound and needs no exercise. He thinks he's a good alternative for people who have no time in their lives for a greyhound, what is there not to like?

Edward is handspun and crocheted from Shetland and Border Leicester fleece

Tapestry Lavender Bag

£10 inc postage*