Nigel is a very quiet, easy to please five year old boy. He can be shy and a little unsure at times but soon settles with a little encouragement. Nigel would love a quiet home where he can relax and do as little as possible.


Timmy is 5yrs old and looking for his forever family. He is a lovely boy to have around, very eager to please and gives the best cuddles ever. Timmy shares his kennel with Nellie and is so kind and sweet to her, even giving her his food if we let him.


Dulcie is a very shy and frightened two year old. A lovely girl who enjoys the company of other greys. She is going to stay with us for a while to gain confidence before being available for rehoming.

Enid and Ethel

This gorgeous hunk of loveliness is Declan. Every bit of Declan is truly scrummy, there are no bad bits. You may be able to guess that we really, really like Declan. He is 9 years old, will be 10 in December and has only just got out of racing kennels. If you are looking for an older gentleman you may well have to wrestle us for him.



Why is she still here? Because she is the usual black with a greying face, also she is not small dog friendly. But she is sweet, very loving, desperate to please, very, very funny when playing with toys and incredibly kind to Larry who she share her kennel with.

September will mark Pebble's second year with us. Let's hope by then she has her own forever home and fun filled life rather than celebrating with us in kennels.




Pip is a beautiful 7 yr old girl who has lived in the trainer's house with a toy poodle and a chihuahua for company. She is a lovely quiet girl who will fit well into any home.

Pip is also mum to Harry Edwards who came to us as a puppy and now lives with Lorraine and her family.


Enid and Ethel are two five year old sisters who, although ex racers, have always been together. They have been with us for a couple of months and have settled nicely. Both girls get on well with other dogs and love to play with Bing all day long. Ethel is more playful and of a stronger personality than Enid. Both love people and like nothing better than mugging any visitors to the kennels. They are rather dainty and very, very girlie. We would really like to try and rehome them together.

Millicent REHOMED

Tweedie is a lovely 4 year old boy who has just arrived at Greenfields. Although he came in from a trainer he has never raced. He is a lively fun loving boy but can lack confidence so benefits from the company of other greys. Tweedie is very eager to please and an easy dog to have around.


The beautiful and fun loving Millie would adore a home of her own. She is seven years old and despite retiring some time ago was still kept in trainers kennels. Millie would like to make up for lost time and start living the life she truly deserves.

her. Janet Walker and the team at Animal Lifeline organised a trap and sat out every night for over a week to catch her.Type your paragraph here.Off lead Millicent is playful but likes to stick very close to her handler, constantly checking that they are still there. We are confident that once settled into her new home she would be able to go off lead.
Millicent is perfect and would be an easy and delightful companion. Our vets think she is about 4 years old.
For those of you who have dogs whom I have described as extra special, you can trust me that this is another such one.


This is the beautiful Millicent a little lurcher who is small greyhound/large whippet size.

Millicent had been running scared and living by her wits for some months before we were contacted about her. She was approaching the same houses every night in search of food but was far too scared to let anyone near 

Pebbles has been with us for 19 months and is always overlooked. Most people don't even notice her when they visit the kennels. She is only five years old and has spent almost two years of that time looking for someone of her own.

 If you don't  see the dog you want on this page please ring Caroline as she often has a list of dogs waiting to come in from trainers

Thomas has just arrived so is not ready for rehoming yet. A lovely quiet four year old boy who has spent the last week living with a miniature poodle.


Brian is a friendly and lovable four year old boy who finds a reason to be happy about everything. Although easy in kennels Brain needs firm boundaries in the home or he can become dominant and bossy. For this reason he would need an experienced owner.

​​​​​​​If you feel you can offer one of our hounds a forever home please ring Caroline on

07774 600090 or email us.