The wonderful laid back Larry. Larry is six years old and has just finished racing. He loves his more stately pace of life and can always be found lolling around in bed.


Felicity REHOMED

She is looking for a home where there is someone around for most of the day and could happily settle with other dogs or on her own.



In kennels he likes to share his room with a girl as this gives him confidence. One of Jack's eyes is smaller than the other and he has no sight in it at all. It does not trouble him or require any treatment. Our vet thinks he has been this way since birth. Jack cannot be rehomed with small furries.


The wonderful Whisper, just turned 5 years old. Whisper has a huge capacity for fun and frolics and enjoys nothing more than a kiss and cuddle. He shares his kennel with Pebbles and is so kind to her.

Enid and Ethel


Josie, beautiful 9 year old girl who came in together with Stella. She is just as happy and fun loving as Stella and can often been seen dancing and boogieing around the yard. After coming in from a pound situation this girl's zest for life is unquenchable. Although we did have a bit of a health scare with her when she first landed, we found she was suffering from ovarian cancer, everything was removed during her spay and she should make a full recovery. Don't let her age fool you, Josie can regularly be seen bombing around the fields at top speed.

Thomas has just arrived so is not ready for rehoming yet. A lovely quiet four year old boy who has spent the last week living with a miniature poodle.

his owner nervous and when he came back to us he was described as 'dog aggressive' and would bark and lunge at other dogs when walked. After being with us for a week​
 Barney now kennels with a female greyhound and happily goes for walks with both male and female. He has also been mixed with some of the sanctuary dogs who are not sighthounds and is happy to be around them.
Barney is distraught to find himself back in kennels and would dearly love to find a quiet loving home in which to spend his remaining years. He is not cat friendly.





Jessica is only just three years old. She is very wary of strangers and takes time to get to know people but is so very loving and funny when she does. A very easy girl to have around. Currently shares with Eamon which gives her confidence.

Bing is a wonderful, kind three year old boy who just wouldn't race. A truly stunning boy to look at, his personality matches his looks. Bing is only young so would be better suited to someone who was around for most of the day. He is playful boy who gets on with dogs and bitches.

Tweedie is a lovely 4 year old boy who has just arrived at Greenfields. Although he came in from a trainer he has never raced. He is a lively fun loving boy but can lack confidence so benefits from the company of other greys. Tweedie is very eager to please and an easy dog to have around.


Felicity is a quiet, affectionate little girl who is so easy to have around. She gets on well with all dogs and is small dog friendly. A really nice and easy first greyhound. Felicity is four years old.

The beautiful Barney has been returned to us due to owner's ill health. He is 9 years old and had been in his home for 8 years. Managing to escape the hell hole of the Lincolnshire Zigzag kennels Barney first came to us as a 14 month old non chaser and was soon rehomed. On lead Barney could be nervous of other dogs, which in turn, made 

Stella is an unmarked greyhound who was part of a group of older greyhounds handed into a pound when their trainer became ill. Stella is not tattooed but her microchip states her year of birth as 2008 so she could be seven or eight. She is a lovely natured girl who gets on well with other dogs and is currently sharing with Cecil and is so nice with him. Although she is very nervous of strangers she is utterly shameless when flirting with men. All this is done at a safe distance but she chatters, smiles and play bows and wags her bottom at them. She is going to be someone's flirty daddy's girl.


Agnes is a real gem of a girl. She is a lovely quiet small dog friendly bitch who has come into rescue because her owner has decided not to breed from her again. Agnes has spend short periods of time in a home environment with a small dog. She attended the Christmas party of Danesford Obedience Dog Club and behaved impeccably around all sorts of dogs playing games. Agnes LOVES people and luxuriates in attention. ~She would like a home where someone was around for most of the day to cater for her needs.

Little Marley is going to make someone a wonderful companion. An 18 month old lurcher, she has come into the rescue due to changes in her owner's work commitments.
Marley is housetrained and gets on well with other dogs both male and female, her current best friend is Thomas. Her previous owners tell us that she is also good with cats and chickens. She is certainly fine with our livestock, shows no interest at all. Marley is very trainable, really wants to please and has good recall. 

Everybody loves Wally a beautiful 4 year old boy.  He is such a laid back easy boy who just wants to be loved.  Wally’s favourite pastime is to play with Edith in the fields where is is very mindful of her age and does everything with such gentleness.   A very striking lovely boy who just wants a family of his own.

Enid and Ethel are two five year old sisters who, although ex racers, have always been together. They have been with us for a couple of months and have settled nicely. Both girls get on well with other dogs and love to play with Bing all day long. Ethel is more playful and of a stronger personality than Enid. Both love people and like nothing better than mugging any visitors to the kennels. They are rather dainty and very, very girlie. We would really like to try and rehome them together.


Jack is a delicate shy individual who is desperate for a person of his own. Initailly he is rather shy and reserved but a more playful character lurks underneath and glimpses are given to those he knows. 

 If you don't  see the dog you want on this page please ring Caroline as she often has a list of dogs waiting to come in from trainers


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