I absolutely adore this lovely little girl. So loving a sweet natured, small dog friendly too.
Lilly didn't make it onto the website before finding her forever home. She leaves us this Friday to start her new life.

*Here is little Jess with her mum Nell. Jess is now available for rehoming. She was reserved but Darragh was a better fit that home.*

Little Jess is only two years old so looking for a home where someone is around for most of the day.
She is the spitting image of her mum Nell who we rehomed a couple of months ago

Alice will have her spay and dental thanks to the funds from our supporters Marian, Sandra and Paul.  [♥️] [♥️] [♥️] [♥️]





Dark and handsome but oh so sweet natured.  Darragh is 6 years old and is looking for a new home with large sofa and lots of love.

The gorgeous Daisy is 6 years old and an absolute dream of a girl. So easy and has lived with small dogs quite happily. [♥️] [♥️] [♥️] [♥️] [♥️] [♥️] [♥️]


Clover is only 2 yrs old and has never raced. Lovely, friendly, lively girl. She share her kennel with Lilac and is small dog friendly.

Lilac is a gorgeous girl. She is currently sharing her kennel with Clover and they get on really well. Lilac is small dog friendly and looking for a home where someone is around for most of the day. She is 6 yrs old


 If you don't  see the dog you want on this page please ring Caroline as she often has a list of dogs waiting to come in from trainers

Lettice is a lovely but very shy 6 year old girl. A very happy little soul she likes to venture out to explore before returning to the safety of her kennel. Currently kennelled with Darragh.


Timmy is 6 yrs old and looking for his forever family. He is a lovely boy to have around, very eager to please and gives the best cuddles ever. Timmy shares his kennel with Nellie and is so kind and sweet to her, even giving her his food if we let him.

A really sweet natured happy boy. Gets on with everybody. Neville is four years old and a complete darling. He is not ready for rehoming yet because of a problem with one of the toes on his right back leg. He is a little lame on it and we want to investigate further so that if he does need an operation it can be done at the same time as his castration.
Just look at the ears.




Dulcie is a very shy and frightened three year old. A lovely girl who enjoys the company of other greys. She is going to stay with us for a while to gain confidence before being available for rehoming.


The gorgeous Dooley, six year old boy. Fun loving and friendly. Looking for the next adventure in his life.

On black dog day here is our very own who arrived just a couple of hours ago. Please meet Alice. We have already rehomed her brothers and mother but Alice had been passed onto another trainer so we were in danger of losing track of her. Luckily, for her and us, she suffered a minor injury while racing and was retired.



​​​​​​​If you feel you can offer one of our hounds a forever home please ring Caroline on

07774 600090 or email us.